Floor Cleaning

Dirt and grime compromise the finish and appearance of your floors, giving them an unprofessional look. If left in place, dirt and debris coupled with friction from foot traffic can cause permanent scratches and chips, which are unattractive and unsafe.


Keep your floors clean and looking their best with professional floor refinishing services from Intrepid Janitorial. With regular floor refinishing by the experts at Intrepid, your floors will look their best and be protected from everyday wear and tear. Increase the lifespan of your floors and keep your space looking sharp and professional with expert floor refinishing services from Intrepid.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning from Intrepid Janitorial keeps your office looking clean, tidy, and professional. Dirt and debris are easily visible on hard surfaces, but in carpets they slowly build up, undetected at first. Coupled with friction from foot traffic, undetected dirt and debris cause carpets to wear out and need replacement prematurely.


Save money in the long run and keep your carpets looking like new with commercial carpet cleaning from Intrepid.


Most carpet manufacturers recommend that their carpets be professionally cleaned every 1 to 2 years, and some even require it as a part of their warranties. Ensure the longevity of your business's carpet by using Intrepid's expert commercial carpet cleaning services.

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